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Imagine an exercise program that you look forward to and that leaves you refreshed and alert with a feeling of physical and mental well being. MoreJoy Fitness will do this....and more. MoreFit with MoreJoy is my training philosophy. I offer personal training and pilates sessions in a private and intimate setting. Let me incorporate morejoy into your life.

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Promise me, you'll always remember that you are braver than you believe and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Christoper Robin to Pooh

NEW: Ballet Barre workouts. The Barre utilizes correct biomechanics of movement to sculpt and strengthen the body. High-energy dynamic workouts integrating Pilates, dance, cardio, and strength training.

Come check out the TRX Suspension Trainer. Every exercise builds functional strength, flexibility, balance and core strength all at once. This body-weight based training benefits people of every training level.


I have worked with Joyce for only a short period of time and have already gained tangible benefits. In only 10 short weeks, I have lost 13.5 lbs of body fat, gained 10.5 pounds of lean mass, doubled muscular strength and increased agility. I would highly recommend Joyce to anyone who is serious about improving their general health, well being, and physical appearance.

- Tom Ciccalone, WETHERSFIELD, CT

Tom Ciccalone

Since I started with Joyce, I've lost over 30 lbs. I've realized that a combination of exercises incorporating weights, Pilates, and cardio yields the quickest results. My cholesterol has come down 42 points, my body fat percentage has decreased by 11%, and my blood pressure has been reduced. You should give yourself some more joy.


Carol Mills

Joyce is professional, experienced, and a great motivator. Her program is flexible, she personalizes the workout to her clients' needs. If something is not working, she will suggest something else. She is careful to avoid injury. Her encouragement and guidance have kept me from giving up.

- Deborah Downes, M.D., MANCHESTER, CT

Deborah Downes

I met Joyce after I was told by an orthopedist that I had to give up my lifelong love of aerobic workouts due to my fast progressing arthritic knees. Two months of physical therapy and an ongoing commitment to doing the prescribed exercises did not help my flexibility or the fact that my arm muscles were already beginning to sag from disuse. Six months in and I have decreased my body fat from 36% to 23%, lost a couple of pounds and increased my strength and flexibility beyond the level I achieved when I was in my 30's and exercising virtually every day. Joyce closely monitors your technique, your posture and your progress so that you are sure to see results while minimizing the risk of injury. Just wish I had met her sooner since she has helped me make incredible changes that will surely last for years to come.

- Chera Gerstein, WEST HARTFORD, CT

Chera Gerstein


Joyce Mauro, owner of MoreJoy Fitness, is a certified advanced personal trainer through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and a Pilates instructor trained in the Stott Pilates method. She is also certified as a Resist-a-Ball instructor and SPIN instructor by Mad Dogg Athletics, and CPR certified by the American Heart Association. In addition, Joyce is on the staff for the SCW Boston Mania Fitness Conferences and attends annual fitness conventions in NYC to stay abreast of the latest fitness trends and research.

She has also served as Town Captain, Race for the Cure; Chair, Rally for the Cure, Rolling Greens Golf Club; MS Walk Committee, Pilates and SPIN instructor, Wethersfield Adult Education.

Joyce Mauro


Personal Training

What is Personal Training? Personal trainers teach safe, effective, individualized exercises to clients in a one-on-one type setting. They assist clients in achieving their personal fitness and wellness goals and improving their quality of life.

Body composition (fat vs. lean muscle mass) is much more important than body weight. Studies confirm that there is a direct connection between major causes of illness (such as diabetes, cancer, stroke or hypertension) and excess body fat.

Regular exercise will produce endorphins and lower cortisol levels brought on my stress. High cortisol levels are linked to high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, depression, and fatigue.

MoreJoy Fitness will motivate, move, strengthen, and stretch you. You will lose inches, reduce body fat, reduce stress, increase muscle and bone density, increase metabolism, and increase energy. Private or semi-private sessions can be arranged on an hourly or half-hour basis.

Personal Training


The Pilates method of conditioning is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength for the total body without building bulk. It is a series of controlled movements engaging your body and mind, performed on a specifically designed exercise machine called the Reformer.

Many people come to a very meditative state while doing Pilates. Developed in the 1920's by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates method will stimulate and challenge you mentally and physically. By emphasizing posture, you learn to stretch your spine through Pilates and by strengthening the deep abdominals to support the rest of the body, you learn to maintain your height effortlessly. Other results from a Pilates program are longer and leaner muscles, core strength and stability, ease of movement, and improved performance in sports.

Joyce has attended several golf conditioning seminars utilizing the Pilates method, which will help to improve the biomechanics needed for a good golf swing. You will build strength and flexibility simultaneously, learn to work from the core or center of the body, develop hip and shoulder stability for better rotation, improve balance and alignment, elongate the spine, and improve posture.

Pilates sessions are also offered on a private or semi-private basis and can be conducted in conjunction with personal training services.

Joyce is very astute in her ability to listen and discuss my concerns and desired goals for physical wellness. Each of my workouts have been carefully designed and guided by Joyce to attain the optimal benefits toward reaching my personal goals. Under Joyce's guidance, I have achieved significant results and balance in my eating habits, weight loss, physical endurance, and overall health. Joyce is a true professional and commits herself to her clients' wellbeing.


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